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How to create a new team
How to create a new team
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Where to access

Go to Teams -> Click on create a new team.

Now, this is what you will see:

Steps to complete

Step 1. Fill in the name of your team (i.e. Sales/Engineering) and pick your default language.

The image above shows you where you can fill in our team name and how to pick your default language.

Step 2. Select the right department

Step 3. Select team managers

Please note: Team managers have access to assessment results and team members for this team, as well as all jobs connected with this team.

Step 4. Add team members

You can copy and paste in bulk or type the email addresses individually.

Step 5: Turn on/off games

You can turn on or off the individual games by clicking on the checkbox.

Please note: We advise team members to play all the games. This will provide you with more insights in order to better understand the current team composition. From this, we can draw valuable conclusions to start defining your hiring criteria.

The checkbox to select or deselect a game is seen on the left-hand side of the game icon. As displayed in the image below:

Step 6. Click on Save.

Once you've clicked on save, the team will be created and team members will be sent an email inviting them to complete the assessment.

Inform your team members prior to sending the invitations

We advise you to also inform your team members about the Team Analysis, to avoid misunderstandings about where the results are used for. Here you can find a communication template.

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