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How Equalture works with Greenhouse
How Equalture works with Greenhouse
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Please read thoroughly and make sure to go through ALL of the steps of the integration!

IMPORTANT - Please reach out to us first before starting these steps so that we can make some necessary changes to your Equalture dashboard in preparation for the Greenhouse integration.

Part one: How to set up the integration

In order to set up your integration, you need to contact your Equalture representative (CSM) to receive your API key. Once you have received your API key, fill out the form at or click here to open a ticket.

Part two: Creating an assessment in Equalture

  1. In your Equalture dashboard, go to the >Assessments tab and click on Create an assessment in the top right corner.

  2. Follow the steps in the assessment creation form to create an assessment. You need to create a different assessment per open job.

  3. Click on Publish. Now, this assessment will be visible in Greenhouse and you can send it to candidates.

Part Three: How to set up an Equalture assessment in Greenhouse

  1. Go to your >Jobs section in Greenhouse

  2. Click on an already existing job.

  3. On the left-hand side, you will see a number of sections, click on >Job Set up. And then >Interview Plan.

  4. Now click on >Add stage in the top right corner. A box will pop up with a number of options. Select Equalture. See the screenshot below:

6. Now you will see Equalture as part of your Interview Plan. You can drag and drop Equalture to any position in the process.

7. Save and continue

Please note: You can also add Equalture to the Interview Plan in step 5 when you are creating a job.

Part four: How to manually invite candidates to complete the Equalture assessment

In this section, we will explain how to send out the assessment to candidates.

In your job, you will see an overview of all the candidates who have applied. Click on a candidate you would like to send the Equalture test to. Then click on 'Stage'. You can see the Equalture stage and the option 'Send test'. See the image below:

Then, you will see the following pop-up where you are asked to fill in the candidate's email address, select the relevant test, and appoint a hiring manager. See the image below:

Click 'Send Test'. The candidate will now have received an email with a link to the assessment.
Below is an example of the invitation email a candidate receives:

Part five: How are the Equalture results displayed in Greenhouse

To view the results, click on the Equalture assessment in the candidate's profile in your Greenhouse account.

Then you will see the following,

As you see at the bottom of the above screenshot, there is a link to the candidate's full Equalture Candidate Profile, including explanations for each of their scores.

Important: This is a private link, meaning that you do need to be a User in Equalture to be able to open the link.

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