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How the Recruitee integration works
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Please go read thoroughly and make sure to go through ALL of the steps of the integration!

IMPORTANT - Please reach out to us first before starting these steps so that we can make some necessary changes to your Equalture dashboard in preparation for the Recruitee integration.

Part One: Setting up the integration

  1. After reaching out you will receive a link from our customer support specialist on which you can setup your Recruitee integration:

2. Copy the API token to your clipboard.

3. Next, you need to go to your Recruitee account. Go to your Profile settings. Then on the left scroll down to the Apps and Plugins tab. In this tab you will see Integrations. Click on Integrations and then you need to search for Equalture V2 (make sure you'll select the V2 version!). Then click Integrate Now.

4. The below window will pop up. Paste the copied API token to the Token input, as seen below:

5. Your Equalture and Recruitee accounts are now linked.

Part Two: Creating an assessment in Equalture

  1. In your Equalture dashboard, go to the >Jobs tab and click on Create a Job in the top right corner.

  2. First, select whether you would like to use an existing Job from your ATS. You can do this by clicking on 'Assessment' in the Job Type step. See screenshot below:

  3. Click on Publish. Now, this assessment will be visible in Recruitee and you can assign the assessment to a candidate.

Part three: Sending out the assessments to candidates

To help you send out assessments via Recruitee to your candidates, we have created a short video tutorial:

  1. When an applicant comes in through Recruitee they will show up in the Candidates section and under the Jobs section in the relevant job.

  2. To send an assessment, please click on the candidate. Then, in the top right corner, you will see the option 'More'. When you click here, you will see the 'Send Equalture test'. See image below:

3. You will then be able to select from any assessment you have previously created in the Equalture dashboard. As seen below:

4. The candidate will then receive an email from Equalture asking them to complete the assessment.

Below is an example of the invitation email a candidate receives:

5. The candidate you have sent the assessment to will already be visible in your Equalture dashboard. You can then see the status of their progress.

This icon shows the assessment has been completed.

This icon shows the assessment is still pending completion.

Part four: How are the Equalture results presented in Recruitee

You will be able to see a summary of a candidate's Equalture assessment results in their Recruitee profile.

As you see in the above screenshot, there is a link ‘Open’. This redirects you to the candidate's full Equalture Candidate Profile, including explanations for each of their scores.

Important: In order to see the full profile(s) you must be a User in Equalture and logged into your dashboard.

Please fire up the chat if you have any questions about linking Recruitee to Equalture.

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