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How the Recruitee integration works
How the Recruitee integration works
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Click here to read how to set up your Recruitee integration.

This article explains:

  • The workflow between Equalture and Recruitee;

  • The responsibilities of Equalture and Recruitee.


Step 1. Create a job in Recruitee

In this example, a Business Development Manager role is created in Recruitee.

Step 2. Set up your integration

Click here to read about how you can integrate your Recruitee account with your Equalture account.

Step 3. Import the job in your Equalture dashboard

After you create a job on Recruitee and set up your integration, go to Jobs in your Equalture dashboard --> click on Create new job --> Choose Import job. Now, you will see an overview of the jobs that you have open in Recruitee:

Click on Import job to import the job you want to link to Equalture.

Step 4. Complete the job creation form and publish the job

You will now see our job creation form, in which you can configure which insights you would like to collect from candidates for this role. Click here to read more about the job creation form.

Once you're done, click on publish.

Step 5. Applicants are automatically redirected to Equalture when they are applying

Now that you have published a job that's linked to Recruitee, your Recruitee career site will automatically redirect applicants for this job to Equalture, as soon as they click on apply.

This is an example of Equalture's own career site (as we are also using Recruitee):

Once an applicant clicks on 'Apply for this job', they are sent to our own job application flow in Equalture (note that this is an example of our own environment, which means that it has the branding for Equalture. You can have your branding on your application flow):


The applicant will now walk through your Equalture job application experience in which they play the games right away.

Step 6. Applicant profiles are automatically sent to Recruitee after applying

Finally, once applicants complete their application in your Equalture environment, their Applicant Profile is automatically sent to your Recruitee dashboard. You can find their profiles in the resume tab.

And that's it. πŸ’ͺ

Responsibilities Equalture & Recruitee



Facilitating the applicant's job application experience, in order to collect all relevant insights you need to evaluate applicants in an unbiased manner, right away.

Managing the hiring process after an applicant has applied, in order to ensure an efficient process in which all information is stored in one tool.


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