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How to link your Recruitee jobs widget to Equalture
How to link your Recruitee jobs widget to Equalture
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Please note: This action likely needs to be executed by the person in your company who is managing your commercial website.

About Recruitee's job widget

Recruitee's job widget can be used when you would like to not make use of Recruitee's career site feature, but to have your own career site, as part of your own commercial website (for instance a WordPress website) instead.

This widget will then be used to show the jobs and job descriptions that you have created in Recruitee, on your own hosted career site.

In order to integrate Equalture correctly, it's important to configure this job widget the right way. In this article, we will explain how.

Step 1. Go to the right setting in Recruitee

After logging in to your Recruitee account, go to Settings > Apps and plugins > Jobs widget.

Now, this is what you will see:

Step 2. Change 'Actions' setting to 'Open job(s) in careers site

Your actions setting will be 'Open job(s) in popup view' now. In order to integrate Equalture correctly, change this to the third option, 'Open job(s) in careers site'.

Step 3. Copy the HTML code to your clipboard

Now, on the right side of this screenshot, you will see a code that you can copy to your clipboard. Please do so.
If you don't see the code, then you have the 'preview' tab open. Click on the 'Code (Sync)' tab then to see the code.

Step 4. Replace the current HTML code from Recruitee with this new code

Currently, you will already have a job widget code on your website (in order to make sure that the job widget works). Now, go to the admin of your company's website (for instance WordPress), and to the page on which you now have the job widget. Here, replace the old code with the code you copied to your clipboard.

If you have any questions about this setup, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

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