Who is Equalture?
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We are Equalture, a Dutch HR tech company that’s on a mission to shape the world of unbiased hiring. Our goal is to provide each and every candidate with an equal opportunity to show their talents and potential. We do this by providing our customers with a new job application experience for their candidates, in which candidates are not only asked about their previous experience but also complete a set of fun neuroscientific games.

Equalture is founded by two twin sisters, Charlotte and Fleur Melkert. Charlotte and Fleur had a recruitment agency before starting with this company. They, unfortunately, experienced in practice how gut-based recruitment still is, and how that negatively affects a candidate’s opportunity to actually show why they are the best-fit candidate. So that’s what Charlotte and Fleur wanted to fix, by building a technology that would enable each and every candidate to get hired based on their talent, potential, and personality.

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