The Pitch Game
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In this article you will find the following topics:

  • Introduction;

  • Scoring and implications;

  • Interview Guide;

  • Task during the game;

  • Validation report.


The Pitch Game is a behavioural game. The game measures a person's collaborative behaviour, i.e. whether a person is more collaborative or more individualistic. In this game, we measure several dimensions of collaboration, such as team support, information sharing, and learning.

Scoring and implications

The game's scoring algorithm is based on percentile scoring. Players can score in each of the following 5 buckets:

  1. Very individualistic;

  2. Somewhat individualistic;

  3. Neutral;

  4. Somewhat collaborative;

  5. Very collaborative.

To clarify the implications of different scores on this spectrum, below you'll find a comparison between bucket 1 (very individualistic) and bucket 5 (very collaborative).

Bucket 1. Very individualistic

Bucket 5. Very collaborative

Characters and behaviours

You're more likely to work efficiently and effectively at an individual level.

  • Focus on your own perspectives and goals;

  • Are good at working and making decisions independently, which can result in a higher generation of creative ideas;

  • Tend to be self-motivated;

  • Might pursue personal goals over common goals, which might hinder information sharing;

  • Might struggle with asking for help and feedback from your colleagues;

  • Might face challenges responding to others’ feedback;

  • May respond negatively toward others’ mistakes and disagreement in opinions.

You value common goals in a team setting and work in a way that helps to achieve these goals.

  • Tend to value common goals over personal goals in a team setting, leading to a high willingness to share information with team members;

  • Have respect for differences in opinions and more tolerance to team member’s mistakes;

  • Are more likely to ask for help and feedback from colleagues and adjust your behaviour or strategies accordingly;

  • Might struggle with tasks that require independent and instant decision-making;

  • Might also face challenges when it comes to productivity and growth at an individual level.

Responsibilities or environments that fit this person best

A function that requires independent working, self-motivation, or creativity.

A function that requires teamwork, in which you can easily ask for help and feedback, or in which you need to share a lot of information with others.

Interview Guide

Click here to access the Interview Guide, providing you with interview questions to include in your structured interviews, related to this game.

Task during the game

In this game, you are part of a team that is working towards pitching a new candy flavour. During the game, you will interact with both team members and other individuals. You will have to choose a response you deem suitable from the options provided, for the situation in which you are at that moment.

Validation report

Here you can find the validation report.

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