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Add your hired candidate to a team
Add your hired candidate to a team
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When you have hired an applicant for one of your jobs, it's important to add this person to your team and convert this applicant into a team member.

Why is this important

Our Teams feature helps you understand the composition of your team in order to reveal your hiring needs for this team. Now that you have hired someone for this team, the dynamics of your team will change, and therefore your hiring needs can also change.

Adding hired candidates to your team ensures that your candidate criteria are always in line with the needs of your team.

How to add a hired applicant to your team

Step 1. Go to the profile of the applicant you want to hire.

Go to the profile of your applicant.

Step 2. Hire and/or add your applicant to your team

Select the option 'Hire Applicant' in the actions menu. As seen below:

When you click on 'Hire Applicant', you will see the following pop up:

You can choose to hire the applicant and Don't add candidate(s) to team or you can click the drop-down menu and select the team you wish to add the candidate to.

To make your action definite, you will be asked to confirm your choice of adding this candidate to your team.

And that's it! Your hired applicant is now added to your team and turned into a team member. πŸŽ‰


Your job is not linked to a team yet.

Click on Edit job to link your job to a team.

Important: If you need to create this team first, click on Teams in your menu and click on Create a new team.

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