Here you're able to fill in the window of desired work experience in terms of years. Furthermore, you can indicate the desired fields of expertise as well in the second step. Again, you're able to indicate whether the fields of expertise are a hard requirement or not. 

We'll match the work experience filled in by the applicant to the preferred work experiences you've indicated which might be important for being succesful in this position. If an applicant doesn't match a work experience which you've indicated to be a hard requirement, we'll still show the applicants' results in your pipeline. However, there will be a notification with this specific applicant which tells you that the applicant is 'knocked out by hard requirements'. It'll be your decision of course whether you'll invite this applicant to an interview. In the next step we'll filling in the skills & accomplishments.

If this doesn't help you in filling in the required fields in work experience you're able to check out the video below for a more detailed explanation. When you have an other question, please don't hesitate to fire up the chat! 👉

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