To be able to predict the match between your candidates and your vacancies, we need to insert all factors, determining the outcome of a match, to let our algorithm do the job for you.

Step 1. Dashboard

Firstly, we'll need to go to your company dashboard where you're able to manage your current jobs at Equalture. Here you can see the jobs on draft, published and benchmark jobs to determine the ideal level of the applicants. Click on 'Jobs' and you'll see the screen as underneath;

Step 2. New job

Afterwards, we're going to create a new job by clicking on the green 'Create new job' button on the right top of the screen. In case you have integrated Equalture with your Applicant Tracking Software, the following popup will appear:

Choose 'Import job' if you want to connect an existing job in your ATS to Equalture. if you don't want to connect an existing job or if you don't have an integrated ATS, click on 'Create new job'.

Step 3. Education

At 'new vacancy title' we're able to set the function title for this vacancy. In our case we're looking for a Customer Success Manager. We'll need to indicate if it's important to have knowledge on the education and field of study of your applicants for this job. In our case, we're going to show every option so we select yes on both parts of 'Education', fill in the fields (you're able to indicate whether any part is a hard requirement or not) and we'll click on 'Work experience' after to go to the next step. Underneath is what you'll see;

Step 4. Work experience

Here you're able to fill in the window of desired work experience in terms of years. Furthermore, you can indicate the desired fields of expertise as well in the second step. Again, you're able to indicate whether the fields of expertise are a hard requirement or not. 

We'll match the work experience filled in by the applicant to the preferred work experiences you've indicated which might be important for being succesful in this position. If an applicant doesn't match a work experience which you've indicated to be a hard requirement, we'll still show the applicants' results in your pipeline. However, there will be a notification with this specific applicant which tells you that the applicant is 'knocked out by hard requirements'. It'll be your decision of course whether you'll invite this applicant to an interview. In the next step we will fill in the Skills & Accomplishments. This is what you'll see;

Step 5. Skills & Accomplishments

Here you're able to fill in the requirements regarding languages, professional skills and certificates. Since we're focussing on creating a job to hire a Customer Success Manager, we're asking for a Dutch native with English skills while the applicant needs to have some skills regarding B2B Marketing, SaaS business models and needs to have analytical skills. As you can see, we added a desired level of these skills as well. We advise you to not have more than four of these skills to guarantee a proper candidate experience in their application. Applicants need to indicate their level within these fields when they apply.

Step 6. Assessments

As you can see we've activated three games which will provide us with the right information on if someone is suited for this job. You can check out this article for a more elaborate document on the games and what they measure.
We advise you to activate not more than four games to guarantee the proper candidate experience and to receive an unbiased matching score. 

Step 7. Matching

We provide you with four sliders to indicate the importance of each of these segments. It's very important to set these sliders as you desire, since it will define the matching score of the applicant to the job in the proper way. In our case, we´re looking for someone who hasn't too much work experience. Education is important, but since we've already indicated that someone needs a Master degree, we don't put much value on the exact education field. We are more interested in someone's professional skills and, of course, to the results of the neuro-assessment games. When we've indicated the matching distribution, we'll go to one of the final steps of creating a job, the open questions;

Step 8. Open questions

We would like to know how the applicant found our open vacancy and what they think of the gamified assessments. Feel free to ask anything you want, if you want to have some examples you're always free to fire up the chat! After filling in the open questions, if you want to ask them, we'll continue setting up the pipeline;

Step 9. Pipeline

In the case you're not working with an ATS we'll strongly advise you to use our pipeline for maintaining a proper overview of the candidate's progress in the application flow.

With the pipeline of Equalture you're able to manage the applications of applicants per job. When candidates apply they'll appear in the 'Applied' section and you'll receive an email that someone applied for your job. Here you're able to set your pipeline according to how the process in your company is formed before hiring someone. The button in the middle with 'add new step' allows you to adjust your applicants' pipeline in the way you desire. The current steps are example steps and used most often. However, of course, feel free to adjust them in the way you seem fit.

When you're happy with the pipeline, whether you've adjusted it or not, you're able to publish the job by clicking on the 'Publish job' button on the right top of the screen.

Step 10. Publishing

Without ATS:
Now, we've created a job! Afterwards you're able to paste the URL of this job behind any apply button you're having setup in your vacancy on your career site. Check out this article if you want to learn more on how to do this! 

With ATS:
The only thing we'll need to do is to set the job on 'Published', which you can do on the top right of the screen within the screen where you've setup the pipeline of the job. Now the job is linked to your career site and applicants will go through Equalture, they will appear in your ATS pipeline later as well. The next step is to link your ATS account to Equalture (in case you haven't done this already).

Happy hiring and if you have any questions, suggestions or remarks please fire up the chat! 👉

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