Firstly, we're going to brand the application flow for the applicants. To do this you'll need to login into your dashboard, go to settings and click on branding. The following screen appears:

This is an example from WeGrow branding page. Here you're able to adjust the company name (if needed), add your brand color and a cover image. The cover image will be shown behind the introduction when an applicant starts with their application.

When the name is correct and the brand color with cover image are added you're able to click on save and you'll see a notification on top of the screen that the branding is successfully updated!

When it's updated, it will be displayed for applicants like underneath. This is an example from our own Equalture branding page. 

Now, this part is done. The next step is adding other users, if you want. If you don't have any other users for the dashboard than yourself, you're able to continue to the blind hiring feature.

If you have any questions about adding company details you can also chat us! 👉 

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