Note: In case you are using Equalture without an ATS integration, we offer a pipeline to manage your candidates for each vacancy. If you have integrated Equalture with your ATS, you will probably use the pipeline in your ATS to manage your candidate pool. 

How to navigate to your candidate pipeline

  1. Go to your dashboard
  2. Go to 'Jobs'
  3. Select a specific job to visit the candidate pipeline for this vacancy

Once you’ve selected a job, this is what you'll see:

As you can see, the pipeline is divided in different stages. For this job we have decided to use the following stages: Applied --> Interview --> Contract talks --> Hired. These are the stages of your recruitment process, but you're able to edit the interview stages as you desire.

Once a candidate has applied to your job opening, you'll find the candidate in the stage ‘Applied’

In the candidate pipeline we offer the following functionalities:

  • View a candidate’s matching profile
  • Download a candidate’s matching profile
  • Change the stage of a candidate in the pipeline

Candidate’s matching profile

When you click on the candidate's name you'll be redirected to the matching profile. Here you can find three buttons in the right top corner:

Clicking on the left button will move this candidate to the next round in the pipeline, while the cross in the middle declines a candidate from that stage. Once you’ve clicked on one of these two buttons, you have to confirm your decision. After confirming your decision a candidate will automatically be updated on his/her new application status. The right button will give you a PDF-file of the candidate matching profile. 

Please note: if you have activated the 'Blind Hiring Feature' you won't see the candidate's personal details in the stage 'Applied'. This article explains how that works.

So that’s it. Now you know how to go to your different pipelines, view a candidate’s matching profile and change the stage of the candidate’s application. You can see here how the candidate application flow works.

Please contact us with a chat if you have any questions on how to manage your candidate pipeline! 👉

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