Once you've finished your first job matching profile you're all set to start letting your candidates apply in your Equalture environment (for this specific job). 

To ensure that your candidates apply through your Equalture environment you need to change the URL in your apply button (either on your website or the apply button that the career site of an ATS has generated).

How to find this URL

Step 1. Go to your dashboard

Step 2. Go to 'Jobs'

Step 3. This is what you will see now:

Now click on this button to copy the URL per job:

That's it. Now you have copied the URL that redirects candidates to your Equalture application environment for this specific job. You are able to put this link behind (for example) the apply button of your vacancy.

We advise you, if you don't have an ATS integration, to read our article on how to manage your pipeline with Equalture.
Please chat with us if you have any questions! 👉

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