The fact that you're reading this article means you've successfully integrated Recruitee with Equalture, congrats! 

This article provides you with a helping hand so that you will create a new job in Recruitee in the right way to be successfully linked to Equalture. Just make sure you've checked the 2 checkpoints in this article and success will follow.

When creating a new job in Recruitee you will follow 4 steps:

  1. Job posting
  2. Application form
  3. Workflow
  4. Team

Step 2 and 3 both contain 1 checkpoint to make sure the job can be successfully linked to Equalture.

Checkpoint 1. Hide 'Apply with Indeed'

Step 2 of the Recruitee workflow (Application form) contains some preferences concerning the application form. 

Normally Recruitee communicates all jobs you post to Indeed; applicants can then use their Indeed profile to apply to your job. However, you want all applicants to apply through Equalture. Therefore you should prevent Recruitee from making it possible to apply via Indeed.

This works as follows. 

In the step Application form you will see Application preferences. In the screenshot shown above all preferences are marked as visible now. All you need to to from here is change the Apply with Indeed preference to Hidden:

Simple, isn't it? This was checkpoint 1, so you're halfway there!

Checkpoint 2. Switch the auto-confirmation email off

Step 3 of the Recruitee workflow (Workflow) contains information concerning the pipeline settings and the auto-confirmation email.

Once your Recruitee account is integrated with your Equalture account, all applicants receive an email from Equalture after applying for a job. Therefore, the Recruitee auto-confirmation email should be switched off to prevent applicants from receiving a confirmation mail from two systems.

This is the default setting (where the auto-confirmation email is switched on):

Now all you need to do is switch off this setting. This is how it should look:

And that's it! So just to double-check:

  1. Hide 'Apply with Indeed';
  2. Switch off the auto-confirmation email.

That's all you need to do in Recruitee. Just publish your job whenever you're ready and import the job in your Equalture dashboard to link the job to Equalture. This article explains how to create a job after it's imported from Recruitee into your Equalture dashboard.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this checklist! 👉

Ready? Set? Go!

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