Note: we take care of the general integration between your Homerun account and your Equalture account. This article describes the steps you have to follow to finish the integration. 

When using Equalture - to match your candidates to your job opening - you need to make sure that all candidates apply through your Equalture environment, for the job openings you want to use Equalture for. All you need to do to make this happen is linking your Homerun account to your Equalture account so that the apply-button automatically links to Equalture for all job openings you're using Equalture for.

Linking your Homerun account to your Equalture account is just a one-minute job. Please follow these steps to complete your integration.

Step 1. Login into your Homerun dashboard

Step 2. Go to your settings

You will go to settings by clicking on the menu right on top of your screen and selecting 'My profile'.

Step 3. Go to Advanced --> Custom Code

When arriving at the settings page, you'll see this menu on the left side:

When scrolling down in this menu, you will see the ADVANCED --> Custom code. Click on Custom Code.

After doing that, this is what you'll see:

When scrolling down, you will also see a (text) block named Body Code.

Step 4. Copy paste this code into the section 'Body Code'

Now all you need to do is copy paste the following code in the section 'Body Code':

<script src=""></script>

After pasting this code, this is what you'll see:

And that's it. Just hit 'save changes' and you're ready for takeoff.

What happens with your apply buttons from this moment

So now you've linked your Homerun account to your Equalture account, but what's the consequence of doing this? Well, that's simple;

In your Equalture dashboard (Home --> Vacancies) you will see the section 'Import'. This section contains all jobs that you currently have in Homerun. Once you import a job from Homerun into your Equalture dashboard (by clicking on the import-button), the apply-button below this vacancy on your Career Site will link to your Equalture environment. If you don't import a job into your Equalture dashboard, the apply button will link to the Homerun application form. 

That's all you need to do in Homerun. Just publish your job whenever you're ready and import the job in your Equalture dashboard to link the job to Equalture. This article explains how to create a job after it's imported from Homerun into your Equalture dashboard.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this last step of the Homerun integration! 👉

Ready? Set? Go!

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