Note: we take care of the general integration between your Recruitee account and Equalture account. This article describes the steps you have to follow to finish the integration. 

When using Equalture - to match your candidates to your job opening - you need to make sure that, for the job openings you want to use Equalture for, all candidates apply via your Equalture environment. All you need to do to make this happen is linking your Recruitee account to your Equalture account so that the apply-button automatically links to Equalture for all job openings you're using Equalture for.

Linking your Recruitee account to your Equalture account is just a one-minute job. Please follow these steps to complete your integration.

Step 1. Login into your Recruitee dashboard

Step 2. Go to your Career Site

In your Recruitee header menu you will see 'Career Site' on the right side on top your screen.

Step 3. Open your Career Site Editor

Once you've arrived at your Career Site page, you will see the black tab 'Career Site Editor' left on your screen. When clicking on this tab, this is what you'll see:

When scrolling down in this editor menu, you'll see 'More'. 

When you click on 'Custom styling' we can continue with step 4.

Step 4. Custom CSS/JS

Now click on 'Custom CSS/JS'.  When clicking on that section, this is what you'll see:

Step 5. Copy paste this code into the section 'Custom styling'

When scrolling down in this screen, you'll see the 'Custom body' section. 

Now all you need to do is copy paste the following code in the section 'Custom body':

<script src=""></script>

After pasting this code, this is what you'll see:

And that's it. Just hit the save button and you're ready for takeoff.

What happens with your apply buttons from this moment

So now you've linked your Recruitee account to your Equalture account, but what's the consequence of doing this? Well, that's simple.

In your Equalture dashboard ('Home' --> 'Jobs') you will see the section 'Import'. This section contains all jobs that you currently have in Recruitee. Once you import a job from Recruitee into your Equalture dashboard (by clicking on the import-button), the apply-button below this vacancy on your Career Site will link to your Equalture environment. If you don't import a job into your Equalture dashboard, the apply button will link to the Recruitee application form.

Please read our next article regarding a checklist for the integration, or chat with us if you have any questions about linking your Recruitee career site to Equalture. 👉 

Ready? Set? Go!

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