The application form

When working with Equalture, we replace this application form. Why? Well, simply because we want to collect other types of candidate information. In this article we will explain how applying through Equalture looks like for a candidate.

How it works with Equalture

When working with Equalture, this will be your candidate workflow:

Step 1. Candidates visits your site and wants to apply.

This is the career page of Equalture. In the picture shown above you see our job opening for Product Owner.

When clicking on the 'Apply for this job' button, the applicant will be redirected to the application flow of Equalture instead of being redirected to a traditional application form.

Step 2. Candidate application form

Now the candidate is redirected to our branded Equalture environment.
First, candidates will see a short introduction about this application. 

After clicking on 'Continue' candidates will go to the next page to start the application.
This will look like the image underneath:

When a candidate clicks on 'Register with LinkedIn', we are able to autofill the information concerning education and/or work experience which is public on LinkedIn. All candidates' information will be matched with the created job in the Equalture dashboard, which will provide you with an overall matching percentage of this candidate and the job.

Step 3. Application steps

After registering in, our application flow starts. We are going to ask candidates things about different categories in order to creating a candidate matching profile. This is the replacement of the traditional resume. 

Here you can see that for this job opening we want to know more about a candidate's languages, professional skills, certificates and job experience. Most information will be imported from the candidates' LinkedIn profile. The most important aspect in this application are the personality & cognitive skills. These are our neuro-assessment games where we measure key skills to be successful in the job and at your company. You can see an example of what the applicant sees when playing the neuro-assessment games underneath:

Step 4. Finish the application

Once we've gathered all information we need (which will take 3-10 minutes, depending on the number of games in the application flow), a candidate is ready to apply. A candidate will need to click on 'Apply' to finish their application in order to receive the candidate matching profile of this candidate in Equalture dashboard.

Step 5. Pipeline

After a candidate applied the applicant will appear in the pipeline of the job in the Equalture dashboard. The candidate will appear in the stage 'Applied', whereafter you get the opportunity to evaluate the generated candidate matching profile. Here you can decide if you reject someone or that this candidate is advanced to the next round. The pipeline will looks like underneath;

So that's it. Got any questions? Just fire up the chat, happy to help! 👉 

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