We don't believe in the future of resumes, because they only focus on someone's milestones so far without analyzing someone's future potential (i.e. focus on historical data instead of predictive data). That's the reason why we've decided to not ask candidates to share a resume with us. 

Instead of asking for a resume, we are going to build a new candidate profile - based on social media profiles (LinkedIn) and gamification. Underneath an example what will be the result:

In this profile we will share 7 categories with you (if you've asked your candidates about these categories):

  • Personal details (possible to mask if you activate the blind hiring feature)
  • Education
  • Job Experience
  • Certificates
  • Skills
  • Languages
  • Personality & cognitive skills (results of the neuro-assessment games)

As you can see in this picture, we provide you with an overall matching score and a score per category. 

If you've integrated Equalture with your ATS, this profile will be shown in your ATS. Otherwise it's possible to view these profiles in our dashboard.

The advantages of this matching profile

Besides of the fact that we have built this profile in order to provide you with both historical and predictive data, there are some other advantages of using this profile instead of a resume:

  • Every profile looks exactly the same in terms of information and layout, which makes it easy to compare candidates;
  • Because of the fact that we already provide you with a matching score it's no longer needed to manually read and evaluate all applications, which saves you lots of time.
  • You're able to check out the candidate's LinkedIn profile immediately by clicking on the LinkedIn button next to the name.

Also, curious why games beat traditional assessments? Click here. And if you have any questions you can chat with us. 👉

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