You have the opportunity to activate or deactivate our blind hiring feature.

Every human being is biased, so that happens in recruitment as well. In general, these are the aspects that cause most bias when reading a candidate's application:

  • Demographics (age, gender, name, ethnicity, etc.)
  • Universities/ schools
  • Companies you've worked for

We believe that hiring bias based on demographics is the biggest problem now when it comes to wrongly rejecting a good candidate. That's why we offer the feature to mask all demographic information a candidate has shared.

With setting up the dashboard, we'll need to select a status on this feature. To do so, we'll need to go to your dashboard --> 'Settings' --> 'Blind hiring' (underneath the sub menu of 'Company'). You'll reach the following screen;

Here you're able to select if you want to activate or deactivate our blind hiring feature. If you want to know more about this and its usage, please fire up the chat! 👉

The next step is the integration with your ATS, if you have one!

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