Internal benchmark: What & why

Conducting an internal benchmark means you’re going to analyse both (1) the current skill sets (and missing skills) for different functions of your team and (2) the behavioural traits that indicate your company culture - with the ultimate goal to have a clear vision on both job fit and cultural fit.

In many companies we experience that it’s challenging to have this clear vision since different growth stages of a scaling company will both lead to different indicators of job fit and cultural changes. That’s why we highly recommend our clients to conduct a benchmark and create a accurate understanding of the current skill set and cultural traits.

These results will be used to (1) analyse which skills/behavioural traits you might want to add to your team and (2) predict a candidate’s fit with your job and company. 

Note: All new clients will have a kickoff call with a Customer Success Manager who’s going to help setting up the benchmarks. 

Internal benchmark: How

We will conduct the internal benchmark by letting your team (preferably the top-performers) play a set of our neuro-assessment games. The results of the games are used to create an accurate overview of current skill set, desired skill set and behavioural traits. You can read more about our games, and what we're able to measure, here.

During the kickoff call we will walk through the following steps to be able to setup the benchmarks for your company:

  1. Which teams/departments are you’re going to use Equalture for;
  2. What roles do you have within these teams/departments;
  3. Based on the teams we will advise you which set of games to select per team to measure the required skill set;
  4. Based on your input and our industry knowledge we will advise you which set of games to select for all team to measure key cultural traits.

After the kickoff call we will setup a benchmark for each team that assesses both skills and personality. Now all you need to do is share the link to conduct the benchmark with your (different) team(s). The button to copy the URL is to be found underneath 'Actions' in your job overview, where you can click on the highlighted button as shown underneath.


Once we have enough results our algorithm will analyse the outcomes and processes these outcomes into our AI-driven matching algorithm. 

That’s it! Now our algorithm has a clear insight into the different skill sets in your company, missing skill sets you could add to your team and key personality traits to indicate cultural fit. 

If you have any questions or remarks, please don't hesitate to contact our team through the live chat! 👉

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