Why do you need a benchmark

You want to hire the right people to build a winning team, right? We are able to perform a benchmarking assessment, to find out what kind of skills and personality traits you need in your team. The team members of the team where you've created a job for will go through the games which are selected to measure important skills and personality traits  for the job and company. Afterwards we will know directly what your current team(s) look(s) like, in order to compare these results with results of any potential team member coming in.

How do we set this up

At first, you'll need to go to your Equalture dashboard. You click on 'Vacancies' and you start creating a new vacancy by clicking on the button in the right part of your screen. Imagine that you want to hire a new junior developer, you can fill in the fields as underneath;

It's important to clarify that this new vacancy is regarding a benchmark, otherwise other users of the dashboard might be confused that results are coming in directly (from your current employees). It's not necessary to fill in the bottom two fields.

After filled in these fields, you can click on the button underneath to continue to the next step (note: please go the next step like this in every instance, since only then your steps will be saved correctly).

In Matching you only want to get data on the personality & cognitive skills. Education, Job Experience and Professional Skills are basically a subsitute for the resume and we don't need that from your current team members. This means that you'll need to put the distribution like this:

Then, click on the button underneath to go to Qualifications where you'll receive a notification that this section is excluded. Click on the button again to go to the Personality & Cognitive Skills.

Personality & Cognitive Skills

When you enter this part in creating a new job you can see that all games are switched off. On top of the sliders, to determine the level of the games, you can see a drop-down menu where you can select the main field of expertise for this job. In this article we use Junior Developer as an example, so we select 'Software Development' within this menu. The games, which represents the skills we advise you to measure, are switched on. Then you'll need to put the sliders in the middle since we actually want your current team members to determine the skill level, which is in turn needed to hire the right applicant.

Note: of course, this is a general advice based on the job expertise. However, we can image you want to assess more cultural and specific traits for your company. You can always reach out to us via the chat functionality so we can help you with selecting the right games for a specific benchmark. Also, you can look into the more detailed explanation regarding the games and measurements to see which games are relevant to switch on per benchmark.

After making sure that the sliders are in the middle, you can click on the button at the bottom of the screen again to continue to the next step untill you arrive at the publication part (last step). You can mark the 'published' tickbox here. 

Then you can click on the 'save' button (complete vacancy) at the bottom of your screen. Directly after you're redirected to a new page, where you can see the screen as shown underneath.

You can see the title (Benchmark - Junior Developer) with two buttons next to it ('Copy URL' and 'Edit'). The left button is the 'Copy URL' button, which you'll need to send to the team members you want to include in the benchmark. They'll need to create a profile (with a username and password), whereafter they immediately can start the assessment.


When every team member who you've send the URL to has finished their assessment, you're able to check the results in your company dashboard at Equalture. This 'job' has nothing to do with a pipeline in your ATS (if you have one). Therefore you can see the results of the team members directly in our pipeline in the dashboard (homepage), by clicking on the title of your benchmark.

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