Candidate Experience is everything. One of the things that helps you in creating the right Candidate Experience is creating the right company brand. Creating this brand is not our expertise (unfortunately) - but we'd love to help you in branding your application flow! That's why it's possible to create your company's look and feel in terms of company colours, logo and banner.

Visit your Company Dashboard to create your own look and feel:

  1. Login to access your dashboard
  2. Click on 'Company' in the header menu
  3. Click on 'Details'

In this tab you're able to share company information. Part of this information is information about your look and feel. We ask for the following information to create your company's look and feel:

  • Brand color
  • Logo
  • Cover image

Once you've shared this information with us, we're able to brand your candidate application flow. For our company Equalture, this is how it looks:

Please chat with us if you have questions about the company branding settings. 👉 

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