We have integrated 7 neuro-assessment games into our platform to assess a candidate's personality traits and cognitive skills. In this article we'll provide you with an overview of what these games are able to measure.

Useful to know: our algorithm helps you deciding which games are relevant for your job openings and determining the desired score.

Game 1. Skyscraper

Game 2. Grillmaster

Game 3. The Balloon

Game 4. Shape Shift

Game 5. The Switch

Game 6. CodeCompare

Game 7. PinCode

So these are all games we've currently integrated into our platform. As you have read, we measure a combination of personality traits and cognitive skills. The personality traits are important to assess whether a candidate fits your company's culture and way of working. The cognitive skills assess whether a candidate is capable of working in a specific field of expertise.

If you have any questions about our neuro-assessment games you can chat us. 👉
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